Sophy & Taylor

Branding, Interactive

‘Sophy & Taylor’ is a customized tailoring shop for men. The brand just started expanding their offering of women’s apparel so they were interested in rebranding the company including logo, clothing label, business card, catalogue and making the website more organized and intuitive, and to make it easy to browse.

Brief: Rebrand Sophy & Taylor and create a new website

Deliverables: Logo, clothing label, business Card, catalogue and a new website

Objectives: Understand user needs and Sophy & Taylor’s business goal

Research & Insights

“We recently launched women’s clothing line. We need to rebrand our company and get ready for the upcoming fashion show. I’d like to have a new website that’s easy and fun for our customers to browse.”

I visited Sophy & Taylor store asking company’s business goal and user needs. The designer of the company wanted to reveal the originality and traditional clothes making skills that they are proud of.


Since the company sticks to traditional clothes making skills, we wanted to have these retro vintage looks for the logo. We designed ampersand to look like a thread and a needle so that people can notice this as a clothing brand by just looking at it.

Clothing tag looking business cards and Fall/ Winter 2013 Collection catalogues which were used in the fashion show, Pret-a-Porter Busan 2013.


At the main menu, we added women’s (So Sophy), collection, lookbook and SNS which will increase user’s follow. The difference between normal items (for sale) and lookbook (not for sale) items can be seen above. Also at collection, the company can put the video link of its fashion show reel.