‘Shnarped Hockey’ connects hockey fans to their favorite professional hockey players across mobile applications. Fans can track player news, stats, tweets, and highlights, and actually interact with many of the players themselves right on the app.

Shnarped Hockey’s key interactive feature is the “pound,” which allows fans to give a virtual fist-bump in real-time to their favourite hockey players after a great play. Over 80 NHL players – including Jonathan Toews, Brendan Gallagher, and Torey Krug – use the application, and after the game these verified players can give fans a ‘pound’ back. The ‘pound’ creates a positive, youth-friendly environment that allows young hockey fans to interact with their hockey heroes in a safe environment.

Brief: Deliver various design work tasks

Deliverables: Wireframes, Clickable Prototypes, Mockups, T-shirt Design, Social Media Icons, etc.

Objectives: Understand user needs for Shnarped

Mood Board

Creating visual mood boards helps communicating better. The product owner wanted something retro looks like vintage hockey cards. 

Information Architecture (System Flow)

System flow helps understanding the whole system considering both different user types which are professional hockey players and hockey fans.

Wireframes & Test

For the user test, we used both clickable prototypes and Surveys.

Final Designs


T-shirt Design

The Shnarped Team was on Dragon’s Den! Learn all about it here!


Content Strategies

E-news letter designs and social media banners and icons.