m, Your Menu for Everything

Branding, Interactive, Motion

‘m, Your Menu for Everything’ is an iPad publishing design, has a mixed form of magazine and cooking recipes for metrosexuals and gastrosexuals (foodies).

Brief: Deliver branded contents and a user journey

Deliverables: A visual user journey walking through

Objectives: Understand iPad publishing design

Research & Insights

More and more men became metro sexual and gastro sexual. They know how to take care of themselves by dressing up in a right way and cooking the best meals. There were not many platforms specifically for these target audiences and I thought this would be a good opportunity.

The Approach

I picked iPad as a medium thinking of mixed form of fashion magazine and cooking recipes. E-magazine started getting popular and people were slowly changing their ways to consume contents.

Mood Board


‘M’ stands for ‘menu’. Lowercase ‘m’ gives more gentle look with its curvy lines.



Based on my target users’ and my advisor’s feedback, I continued revising the wireframes and ended up having more than 10 different versions of it. 


Photo Shooting & Filming

Casting actors, finding locations, preparing props, setting up production stages were executed while creating wireframes. I worked with many talented actors, director, photographers, makeup artists, etc. I learned how to manage projects within the established time frame.


Final Designs


Case Study