Branding, Interactive, Motion

‘Dealight’ is a SVA Community app that can find good deals based on pre-generated student discount info and other classmates’ sharing posts. This app allows users to save individual deals, redeem to use. Users can find different deal options by searching stores or tagline. Push notification tells student discount when passing by stores.

Team members: SunYoung

Brief: Design an App for SVA IxD students using location data

Deliverables: A visual user journey walking through and Mockups

Objectives: Understand location data, data visualization and its usage

Research & Insights

“We can think of many designs using location data, but not sure one for SVA IxD students only…

We often heard SVA IxD students talking about this project being not sure what to do. We carefully observed and noticed what we care the most.

Our Approach

We basically came up with an idea that’s practical for students. It’s an app that we can share the good deals. When you come to think of it, we as design school students get to spend money on projects where the tuition already isn’t so cheap, either.

Concept Statement

FOR SVA IxD students WHO want to save money when buying props, “Dealight” reveals the good deal info shared by school contracted stores and friends THAT is usable while students are in busy semesters. UNLIKE other deal apps, Dealight helps SVA IxD students quickly get the info and compare deals.

Case Scenario


We designed four different pages and the menu where user can simply turn on/ off push notification with the toggle. Main page shows the stream of info generated by students with tagline. We also designed a page where user can save individual deals, a search map where user can find the deals and a page when push notification comes in. While working on wireframes, we had to think of how to design its database.

Final Designs

We designed the logo using different font weights. We made Deal more bold and light super thin. It turned out price and the name of the store is the most important info out of everything so we made those two are more bold as well.