In the Advanced Fundamentals of Graphic class, we were asked to create a Golden Record 2.0 which is a time capsule containing what we want to remember. To practice Zero Waste Lifestyle, I created several photos of the food remains each day of last week. Zero Food Waste 101

  • Discovery MoMA

    In Design in Public Spaces class, we had a good chance to design Samsung CenterStage  for Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Our team executed the process from Primary Research to Design Mockups. We went to MoMA to interview people about their experience. (to be continued…) Mockups

  • Dealight

    In Urban Fictions class, we were required to design an app for SVA IxD students. What would SVA students care about? We found out a lot of students are concerned about school tuition and related budget. You spend so much for your education. Are you struggling because of your student loan? Do you have a […]

  • Shnarped Hockey

    ‘Shnarped Hockey’ is an Interactive Athletes Corporation which connects hockey fans to their favourite professional hockey players across mobile applications. What’s special about this company is that they engage a lot of people with their own stories which are a real connection to pro hockey players(You can know this from the name of the company, […]

  • Translink

    A UX project for public space. ‘Translink’ is a public transit system of Vancouver which gives the people a convenient and comfortable experience. My creative team observed the space to interview some of the commuters and we found out that efficiency was the most considerable part. Since Translink was planning to launch their new card […]

  • Sophy & Taylor

    ‘Sophy & Taylor’ is a young company which has been growing as a designer brand focusing on classical men and women’s clothing. They first started their own tailor shop with the motto ‘Clothes towards people, People we design”. They present sophisticatedly tailored designs mixed with artistic couture touch. The company wanted to redesign their old […]

  • Ginger – A Clothing Company

    Ginger is a clothing store that is about to open in four major cities in North America – Vancouver, Victoria, San Francisco and Boston. It was started in Victoria by Kate Taylor, an avid thrift store shopper with an exquisite eye for quality craftsmanship and great style. She opened a small boutique in 2007, carrying a mix […]

  • m, Your Menu for Everything

    The graduate project is entitled, “m”. It’s an iPad application for metrosexual and gastrosexual who are true foodies. It presents fashion trends and related food recipes. This iPad application has a new styled form and layers focusing on two different type of application styles, Magazine style and Cooking Recipe style. In order to make these […]

  • Frame Hotels

    The brief was to create the brand identity for a Vancouver hotel located in the historic Gastown district. A mix of old and new, the hotel has features all of the modern conveniences with the traditional architecture and textures of Gastown. It has 15 rooms, which in the hotel world is considered “boutique”. The challenge was to […]

  • Sooul

    In the second term at VFS, we were asked to design proposal for ‘Sooul’, an arts community which has over 70 performers, artists and magicians, with their site. ‘Sooul’ is a family driven business, that believes deeply in supporting the arts and providing opportunities and shows for fans and aspiring young performers. A connection between the audience and performers is […]

  • Innonut Food Truck

    Branding a food truck is a designer’s dream. The client told me the location where she is going to have, but then she wanted me to think the idea. I surveyed several people around that area and I could narrow down the audience type and the opportunities which are healthy and affordable. Primary Audience is student. […]

  • Dirty Radio

    When I was a student in Digital Design Program, Vancouver Film School, I had an opportunity to work with a real client on a special day called ‘The Slam’. The Slam is a design competition day which all the students of Digital Design Program gather together and try to win the awards. The competition starts […]